Wood Trim

I seem to be surrounded by wood. I’m not a carpenter or cabinetmaker, but I find that I tend to like having it around. Our house is no longer carpeted; the floor is bamboo. The baseboards are mahogany. My cellphone has wood skins on both sides. My old cars have wood trim and their dashboards are planks compared to today’s rubberized something material.

When people see the wood that I have restored, they don’t believe it is the same piece of wood. But as I mentioned, I am not a carpenter or cabinetmaker, so I certainly didn’t make a new piece.

If you are in need of some wood restoration, whether it be part of a cherished vintage car, a classic yacht, or even an heirloom piece of furniture in your home, call me. I would gladly meet with you and discus the options of how to best restore it to ensure its longevity and renewed appearance. If you’re even thinking about saving a small piece of trim, a dashboard, or more, please call. Wood is an organic, biodegradable material, and it deteriorates quickly when the finish is compromised. With Hawaii’s heat, humidity and sunshine, that deterioration needs to be arrested and remediated quickly. Once it is too far gone, it is…too far gone.

Below are some samples of wood that I have carefully worked on to preserve their original finish veneer, and restore to beauty:

Before After
 Before  After

Wood is good. And saving it is better.

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Refinishing vintage car wood in Hawaii