About Me

I am a tinkerer, fixer and maker.

I believe that old things are useful, should be used and are worth saving. They are the classics. The real deal. How things were done when things were done without wall chargers and synchronized calendars.

I like old cars. Proper cameras. Real food prepared from proper ingredients. Things that I can touch, appreciate and maintain.

The oldest car in my fleet is 40 years old. It is also the most reliable one. The second oldest is 39, and is powered by a 2 cylinder engine (Yes, it is a car, and it seats 4 European adults). The largest one is ironically one of the lighter ones, being made of aluminium, mostly. The average number of cylinders in their engines is 5.5, with only one having more than 6. None of my vehicles have cup holders, nor are they hybrids, but they all do one thing really well: put smiles on faces. Which I hope to capture in a photograph…

My cameras use film to capture images, and rely on my thumb to re-cock the shutter and advance to the next frame.

They don’t have zoom lenses, but instead rely on my feet to fill the viewfinder. I can take another picture without tilting the camera down to “look at the screen on the back”. People see them and tend to enjoy being a part of the photographic process. I can develop the film in the kitchen sink, and produce negatives. And control the process.

Much of what I do involves making something, or making it better. And I truly enjoy fixing and making things with–or for–other people.


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